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A strong focus of ICG's work on Rwanda has been the process of bringing to justice the perpetrators of the 1994 genocide, which is critical for national reconciliation and the country's stability. In this context, ICG has released comprehensive assessments of the functioning of the Rwandan justice system and, in particular, the Arusha-based International Criminal Tribunal.

With regional alliances playing an important role in the escalation of conflict in the Congo, ICG has also analysed Rwanda's involvement in the war and its increasingly unstable relationship with Uganda, another key player and backer of the Congolese rebels.

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Latest Reports
�Consensual Democracy� in Post Genocide Rwanda: Evaluating the March 2001 District Elections
9 October 2001
Tribunal p�nal international pour le Rwanda: l'urgence de juger
7 June 2001
International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Justice Delayed (Original version in French)
7 June 2001
Uganda and Rwanda: Friends or Enemies?
4 May 2000