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After the attacks against the United States on 11 September 2001, ICG launched a major new project on international terrorism, designed to both bring together ICG's work in existing program areas (notably in Central Asia, Sudan, Algeria, Indonesia, the Balkans and Colombia) while establishing a new geographical focus on the Middle East and West Asia. A Middle East regional office will be established in Amman, and a new Pakistan/Afghanistan project, linked to the present Central Asia project, will be established in Islamabad.

The aim is to primarily address longer-term issues, which go to building sustainable international defences against terrorism - achieving stable states and regions, and addressing underlying grievances. A particular focus will be the interests and responsibilities of the major powers, and how they interact with those of the states and regions in questions.

Please see 'publications index' for materials already published.

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Latest Reports
Afghanistan and Central Asia: Priorities for Reconstruction and Development
27 November 2001
Central Asia: Drugs and Conflict
26 November 2001
"The world after 11 September: a balance sheet"
Address by Gareth Evans to the Academy of International Business Conference, Sydney, 19 November 2001

19 November 2001
"Building sustainable international defences against terrorism"
Presentation by Gareth Evans, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC, 14 November 2001

14 November 2001
Bin Laden and the Balkans: the Politics of Anti-Terrorism
9 November 2001