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ICG has been active in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia since 1997. The Group's reports on Montenegro concentrated on the republic's increasingly tense relations with Belgrade during the final years in power of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, highlighting the precarious situation of Montenegro's democratically inclined government in the face of Serbian intransigence to demands for greater autonomy and freedom.

A major focus of ICG's work on Montenegro in the post-Milosevic era is the development of the republic's future status and its evolving relationship with Serbia, as well as the need for progress in democratic, institutional and economic reform.

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Latest Reports
Montenegro: Resolving the Independence Deadlock
1 August 2001
Time to Decide: A Pre-election Briefing Paper
18 April 2001
Montenegro: Settling for Independence?
28 March 2001
Montenegro: Which Way Next?
30 November 2000
Montenegro's Local Elections: Testing the National Temperature (Background Briefing)
26 May 2000