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Central Africa
Sierra Leone

ICG's Africa program currently comprises projects in Algeria, Central Africa (Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda), Sierra Leone and Zimbabwe. As new analysts come on board and projects gather momentum, ICG intends to extend its activities across a broader sweep of East Africa.


ICG reports seek to disentangle and highlight the root causes of the conflict in Algeria and advocacte practical policy solutions. In collaboration with leading international experts, ICG is currently undertaking a fresh assessment of Algeria's protracted crisis in the wake of President Abdelaziz Bouteflika's amnesty-for-peace initiative and other developments.

Central Africa - Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda

ICG has operated a project in Central Africa since early 1998, focusing principally on the peace process in Burundi, the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo and justice issues in Rwanda. The project was significantly expanded in 2000, with the opening of a project office in Nairobi and the appointment of several additional full-time field analysts.

Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone is a human tragedy of massive proportions that is rapidly becoming a security nightmare for all West Africa. Without a substantial commitment by the international community to help Sierra Leone resolve both its military and political problems, it is all too easy to foresee the contagion of violence spreading out of control in West Africa much as has happened in Central Africa. ICG has published a series of reports on Sierra Leone since 1996 and established a gound presence in Freetown in July 2001.


Zimbabwe is in a state of free fall. It is embroiled in the worst political and economic crisis of its twenty-year history as an independent state. ICG established a watching brief on the country in June 2000, with visiting analysts reporting. ICG papers have sought to analyse the causes of Zimbabwe's crisis and set out a strategy for change.

August 2001

ICG's Africa program is co-ordinated out of Brussels. For more information, including the text of ICG reports and briefings, please see the related project pages (links above). You can also write to [email protected].

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