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Active in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia since 1997, ICG has issued over twenty-five major policy reports analysing events in Serbia. Analysis in the past has concentrated on the former Belgrade regime's handling of the Kosovo crisis, the levers by which Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic dominated political life in Serbia, and the successful struggle of the Serb opposition, particularly in the run-up to the Yugoslav presidential elections of 24 September 2000.

With Milosevic now gone, ICG aims to focus on the challenges facing the Serbian authorities, the development of independent media and civil society, constitutional relations with Kosovo and Montenegro, and institutional and economic reform.

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Latest Reports
Serbia's Transition: Reforms Under Siege
21 September 2001
Serbia's Transition: Reforms under Siege (Verzija na lokalnom jeziku)
21 September 2001
"New Serbia May Have to Hurry Slowly"
Comment by Anna Husarska published in the International Herald Tribune on 16 August 2001

16 August 2001
Peace in Presevo: Quick Fix or Long Term Solution?
10 August 2001
Milosevic Awaits Tribunal, but Prisons Still Hold His Victims.
Comment by Anna Husarska, published in the Los Angeles Times, 23 July 2001 and in the International Herald Tribune, 1 August 2001

1 August 2001