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ICG has been active in Kosovo since late 1997. ICG's initial Kosovo reports outlined the human rights abuses incurred while the former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic struggled to control the province, assessed the 1999 NATO air campaign, and analysed the subsequent efforts of the United Nations and KFOR troops to implement Security Council Resolution 1244.

A team of three analysts, based in Pristina, is currently focused on the consolidation of the peace process. They are examining issues such as the legal status of Kosovo; the transition from United Nations control to local self-government; the creation of a judicial system and efforts to entrench the rule of law; the return of displaced people to their homes and the struggle to create a secure environment for all communities; economic development and the privatization process; and the future role of international bodies, in particular the EU, in the province.

Our reports on Kosovo are listed below, starting with the most recent. You can also search for relevant reports using the search box in the top right hand side of this page.

Recent reports & briefings  
Two to Tango: An Agenda for the New Kosovo SRSG, report, 03 September 2003
Etnièka Dilema Kosova: Potreba za Graðanskim Ugovorom, report, 28 May 2003
Dilema Etnike e Kosovës: Nevoja Për Kontratë Civile, report, 28 May 2003
Povratak U Neizvesnost Interno Raseljena Lica Sa Kosovu I Proces Povratka, report, 13 December 2002
Kthim në pasiguri: Të zhvendosurit e brendshëm të kosovës dhe procesi i kthimit, report, 13 December 2002
Return to Uncertainty: Kosovo’s Internally Displaced and The Return Process, report, 13 December 2002
Finding the Balance: The Scales of Justice in Kosovo, report, 12 September 2002
UNMIK’s Kosovo Albatross : Tackling Division in Mitrovica, report, 03 June 2002
Putokazi Za Buduænost Kosova (I) Rešavanje Konaènog Statusa, report, 01 March 2002
Putokazi Za Buduænost Kosova (II) Unutrašnji Pokazatelji, report, 01 March 2002
A Kosovo Roadmap (I): Addressing Final Status, report, 01 March 2002
A Kosovo Roadmap (II): Internal Benchmarks, report, 01 March 2002
Kosova : Një Strategji Për Zhvillimin Ekonomik, report, 19 December 2001
Kosovo: A Strategy for Economic Development, report, 19 December 2001
Izbori Prekretnice Kosovu, report, 21 November 2001
Kosova : Zgjedhje Historike, report, 21 November 2001
Religion in Kosovo, report, 31 January 2001
Reaction in Kosovo to Kostunica's Victory, briefing, 10 October 2000
Kosovo Report Card, report, 28 August 2000
Elections in Kosovo: Moving Toward Democracy?, report, 07 July 2000

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