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L’International Crisis Group (ICG) est une organisation multinationale indépendante et sans but lucratif de plus de 90 employés répartis sur cinq continents. Ceux-ci produisent des analyses faites sur le terrain et un plaidoyer de haut niveau dans le but de prévenir et de résoudre des conflits.

Latest Report 

Liberia: Security Challenges

03 November 2003
Africa Report N°71

Liberia is at the heart of an unstable region, but the country now faces its best chance for peace in years if the UN acts boldly. The new UN Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) should integrate its efforts with neighbouring UN missions in Sierra Leone and Côte d’Ivoire to provide a comprehensive regional security strategy for West Africa. A coordinated approach is needed to stem the flow of marauding fighters who migrate from conflict to conflict. The U.S. can assist by making clear its willingness to back UNMIL militarily in an emergency, and by conducting a full-scale training program for the new Liberian armed forces. With three UN missions in West Africa, the UN and the wider international community have an opportunity that must not be missed to design and implement a truly regional approach to West Africa’s insecurity.

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