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Recent feedback on ICG

" Such reports are extremely valuable for the �out of the box� perspective which they offer to decision makers who are otherwise constrained by the necessities of existing policy. "
Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General, on, 7 May 2001

" I can honestly say� that there is no other think-tank whose product I read more regularly or with more enthusiasm than the ICG. "
Chris Patten, EU External Affairs Commissioner, 10 July 2001

" I share your view that it is important to foster responsible leadership in Africa at the national and regional levels if there is to be significant advancement in conflict resolution. My discussion in Africa covered those areas of greatest concern to you and the ICG. "
Colin Powell, U.S. Secretary of State, 4 June 2001

" Thank you for the ICG�s latest report on the Balkans� As usual, the report provides many insights into Balkan politics, which my staff and I appreciated. "
The Rt Hon Lord Robertson of Port Ellen, NATO Secretary General, 3 July 2001

" an independent organisation that has had an exemplary record of correct judgements in the Balkans "
The Washington Times, 5 January 2000

" Some of the best advice and analysis of the year's Balkan troubles in and around Serbia especially will come from specialists like the International Crisis Group, whose reports fly ever thicker and quicker through the ether "
The Economist, The World In 2001

" I commend the ICG for the consistently useful reports it produces on conflict situations. One particular advantage of the ICG�s work is that the insights and analysis in your report reflect the fact that so many of you at the ICG bring long and varied experience at senior levels within and outside national governments to the new calling you have undertaken. "
Kieran Prendergast, Under-Secretary General for Political Affairs, UN, 10 July 2001

" It is rare that an outside group can have such a direct impact on policymaking. ICG has done so repeatedly, consistently, and brilliantly. We are deeply grateful for your efforts and look forward to continuing our close relationship in the effort to prevent and contain conflict. "
Jean-David Levitte, Permanent Representative of France to the UN, 22 June 2001

" I would imagine that [your publications] are already classical works intended for political scientists and career diplomats. "
Noureddine Mejdoub, Permanent Representative of Tunisia to the UN, 3 July 2001

" 'Zimbabwe in Crisis: Finding a Way Forward�' is a fine example of an analytical document that retains the focus on its purpose. These papers are extremely useful to my current business. "
William Phillips, Chief Military Planning Service, Department of Peacekeeping Operations, UN, 16 July 2001

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