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"Nation Building and American Foreign Policy"
Address by Gareth Evans to Cato Institute Policy Forum, ‘After Afghanistan: The Future of Intervention and Nation Building’, Washington DC.
, speech, 12 December 2001
"The world after 11 September: a balance sheet"
Address by Gareth Evans to the Academy of International Business Conference, Sydney, 19 November 2001
, speech, 19 November 2001
"Building sustainable international defences against terrorism"
Presentation by Gareth Evans, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Washington DC, 14 November 2001
, speech, 14 November 2001
"Advancing Balkan Stability"
Address by Gareth Evans, The Trilateral Commission, 11 November 2001
, speech, 11 November 2001
Responding to Terrorism: Where Conflict Prevention and Resolution Fit In
Address by Gareth Evans at Johns Hopkins University (SAIS), 9 October 2001
, speech, 09 October 2001
Fighting Racism
Statement by Gareth Evans, Eminent Persons Group for World Conference against Racism (2001)
, speech, 09 August 2001
EU Strategy in the Balkans
A speech by EU External Relations Commissioner Chris Patten to the International Crisis Group, 10 July 2001
, speech, 10 July 2001
Has the Yugoslav government qualified for further U.S. assistance?, speech, 19 March 2001
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