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Recent speeches  
'All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go: NATO and Out of Area Peace Operations.' Gareth Evans Address to NATO Conference "Securing Peace: NATO's Role in Crisis Management and Conflict Resolution.", speech, 16 October 2003
Remarks of the Secretary of State Colin L. Powell at the International Crisis Group Reception, U.S. Department of State, Washington DC, October 10, 2003. (As prepared for delivery), speech, 10 October 2003
Morton Abramowitz, Remarks on receiving the ICG Founders Award, 9 October 2003, speech, 09 October 2003
George Soros, Remarks on receiving the ICG Founders Award, 9 October 2003, speech, 09 October 2003
Remarks by Senator George J. Mitchell, ICG Chairman Emeritus, at the ICG Award Dinner, New York, October 9 2003, speech, 09 October 2003
"Rebuilding Societies in Crisis: Before and After War", Speech by Gareth Evans, speech, 08 October 2003
"Waging War and Making Peace" 2003 Annual Hawke Lecture by Gareth Evans. Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, University of South Australia, Adelaide (Australia), speech, 18 September 2003
Dwight D. Eisenhower National Security Conference September 25-26, 2003, speech, 19 August 2003
"War, Terrorism and Security Breakdown: the Current Risk Environment for Business"
Keynote Address by Gareth Evans to RIIA Political Risk 2003 Conference, London
, speech, 02 June 2003
Talk of the Nation
Interview by Neal Conan with Robert Malley
, speech, 14 April 2003
"The Responsibility to Protect and September 11"
Address by Gareth Evans to UNU/Canadian Government Seminar on The Responsibility to Protect.
, speech, 16 December 2002
"A World Where It’s Rational To Be Anxious: The Challenge Of Conflict Prevention and Resolution"
Piece by Gareth Evans in NATO 2002: Mapping the Challenges (Prague Summit)
, speech, 26 November 2002
"The U.S. vs the World? How American Power Seems to the Rest of Us"
Address by Gareth Evans to Foreign Policy Association, New York.
, speech, 19 November 2002
"Preventing Deadly Conflict and the Problem of Political Will"

2002 Montague Burton Professor of International Relations Lecture by Gareth Evans
, speech, 17 October 2002
"Testimony by Robert Templer before the US Commission of Security and Cooperation in Europe on US Policy towards the OSCE", speech, 10 October 2002
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