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Democratic Republic of Congo

Our reports on the Democratic Republic of Congo are listed below, starting with the most recent. You can also search for relevant reports using the search box in the top right hand side of this page.

Recent reports & briefings  
Congo Crisis: Military Intervention in Ituri, Africa Report N°64, 13 June 2003
Rwandan Hutu Rebels in the Congo:
A New Approach to Disarmament and Reintegration
, report, 23 May 2003
Les Rebelles Hutu Rwandais au Congo: Pour une Nouvelle Approche du Désarmement et de la Réintégration, report, 23 May 2003
The Kivus: The Forgotten Crucible of the Congo Conflict, report, 24 January 2003
Storm Clouds Over Sun City: The Urgent Need To Recast The Congolese Peace Process, report, 14 May 2002
Temps Couvert sur Sun City : La Refondation Nécessaire du Processus de Paix Congolais, report, 14 May 2002
Disarmament in the Congo: Jump-Starting DDRRR to Prevent Further War, report, 14 December 2001
The Inter-Congolese Dialogue: Political Negotiation or Game of Bluff?, report, 16 November 2001
Le dialogue intercongolais: Poker menteur ou négociation politique?, report, 16 November 2001
Disarmament in the Congo: Investing in Conflict Prevention, briefing, 12 June 2001
From Kabila to Kabila: Prospects for Peace in the Congo, report, 16 March 2001
Scramble for the Congo: Anatomy of an Ugly War, report, 20 December 2000
Le Partage du Congo: Anatomie d'une sale guerre (version d'origine en Anglais), report, 20 December 2000
Kinshasa Sous Kabila A La veille du Dialogue National, report, 21 September 1999
Democratic Republic of Congo: An Analysis of the Agreement and Prospects for Peace, report, 20 August 1999
Africa's Seven-Nation War, report, 21 May 1999
How Kabila Lost His Way: The Performance of Laurent Désiré Kabila's Government, report, 21 May 1999
Congo At War: A Briefing of the Internal and External Players in the Central African Conflict, report, 17 November 1998
North Kivu: Into the Quagmire? An Overview of the Current Crisis in North Kivu, report, 13 August 1998

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