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In an example of successful international intervention, Macedonia was spared yet another Balkan war in 2001. However, the Ohrid Agreement, brokered by US and EU mediators, does not itself guarantee stability. Macedonia faces several continuing challenges, including government foot-dragging on implementation of Ohrid, and endemic – and fully multiethnic – corruption that continues to undermine the institutions on which the Agreement must rest. Macedonia also faces external challenges due to the uncertain status of Kosovo, and from the refusal of neighboring states to recognize fully the Macedonian identity.

Our Macedonia reports are listed below, starting with the most recent. You can also search for relevant reports using the search box in the top right hand side of this page.

Articles, op-eds, speeches and media releases can be found under the media section.

Recent reports & briefings  
Macedonia: No Time for Complacency, report, 23 October 2003
Rruga e Maqedonisë kah qëndrueshmëria: Qasje e re sigurimi për NATO dhe EU, report, 15 November 2002
Moving Macedonia Toward Self-Sufficiency:
A New Security Approach for NATO and the EU
, report, 15 November 2002
Macedonia’s Public Secret: How Corruption Drags The Country Down, report, 14 August 2002
Macedonia's Name: Why the Dispute Matters and How to Resolve It, report, 10 December 2001
Macedonia: Filling the Security Vacuum, briefing, 08 September 2001
Macedonia: War on Hold, briefing, 15 August 2001
Macedonia: Still Sliding, briefing, 27 July 2001
Macedonia: The Last Chance for Peace, report, 20 June 2001
The Macedonian Question: Reform or Rebellion, report, 05 April 2001
Macedonian Government Expects Setback in Local Elections, briefing, 04 September 2000
Macedonia’s Ethnic Albanians: Bridging the Gulf, report, 02 August 2000
Macedonia: Gearing up for Presidential Elections, report, 18 September 1999
Macedonia: Towards Destabilisation? The Kosovo crisis takes its toll on Macedonia, report, 21 May 1999
Macedonia Update: Challenges and Choices for the New Government, report, 29 March 1999
Macedonia:“New Faces In Skopje”, report, 08 January 1999
1998 Elections In Macedonia, report, 09 October 1998
The Albanian Question In Macedonia: Implications of the Kosovo Conflict for Inter-Ethnic Relations in Macedonia, report, 11 August 1998
Macedonia Report: The Politics of Ethnicity and Conflict, report, 30 October 1997

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