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Central Africa
   DR Congo
Horn of Africa
Southern Africa
West Africa
   Côte d'Ivoire
   Sierra Leone


Central Africa

ICG's Nairobi-based team monitors and reports on the fragile peace process in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Burundi, the reconciliation process in Rwanda, and internal and external threats to peace in the Great Lakes and surrounding region.

Horn of Africa

In Sudan, ICG suggests strategies for peace in what remains one of the world’s longest-running and most destructive wars. In Somalia, political collapse in this failed state has created a power vacuum posing a danger both to Somalis and the outside world.

Southern Africa

The risk continues of major violence in Zimbabwe, following the badly flawed 2002 election. ICG analyses both local and regional impacts of the crisis, advancing strategies to prevent further escalation.

West Africa

With Sierra Leone emerging from its decade-long civil war, ICG Freetown-based analysts focus closely on how the country is consolidating the peace process, developments in Liberia - long a wellspring for instability - Guinea, new crisis emerging in Côte d'Ivoire and maintain a watching brief on the wider West African region.

ICG's Africa program is co-ordinated out of Brussels. For more information, see the related project pages (links above).

Recent reports & briefings  
Refugees and Internally Displaced in Burundi: The Urgent Need for a Consensus on Their Repatriation and Reintegration, Africa Briefing, 02 December 2003
Côte d'Ivoire: "The War Is Not Yet Over", Africa Report N°72, 28 November 2003
Liberia: Security Challenges, Africa Report N°71, 03 November 2003
Refugees and Displaced Persons in Burundi – Defusing the Land Time-Bomb, Africa Report N°70, 07 October 2003
The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Time for Pragmatism, Africa report N°69, 26 September 2003
Ethiopia and Eritrea: War or Peace?, Africa Report N°68, 24 September 2003
Sierra Leone: The State of Security and Governance, Africa Report N°67, 02 September 2003
The Special Court for Sierra Leone: Promises and Pitfalls of a “New Model”, Briefing, 04 August 2003
Somaliland: Democratisation and Its Discontents, Africa Report N°66, 28 July 2003
Decision Time in Zimbabwe, Briefing, 08 July 2003
Sudan Endgame, Africa Report N°65, 07 July 2003
Sudan’s Other Wars, Briefing, 25 June 2003
Congo Crisis: Military Intervention in Ituri, Africa Report N°64, 13 June 2003
Rwandan Hutu Rebels in the Congo:
A New Approach to Disarmament and Reintegration
, Africa Report N°63, 23 May 2003
Tackling Liberia: The Eye of the Regional Storm, Africa Report N°62, 30 April 2003
Angola's Choice: Reform or Regress, Africa Report N°61, 07 April 2003
Zimbabwe: Danger and Opportunity, Africa Report N°60, 10 March 2003
Negotiating a Blueprint for Peace in Somalia, Africa Report N°59, 06 March 2003
Dealing with Savimbi's Ghost: The Security and Humanitarian Challenges in Angola, Africa Report N°58, 26 February 2003
A Framework For Responsible Aid To Burundi, Africa Report N°57, 21 February 2003

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