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The 15 most recent ICG publications are listed below. To find earlier publications please click on the relevant year of publication below. To subscribe to ICG publications click here.

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reports & briefings  
"Colombia in Kabul"
Mark L. Schneider
, article/op-ed, 04 December 2003
Kashmir: The View From Islamabad, Asia Report N°68, 04 December 2003
Kashmir: The View From New Delhi, Asia Report N°69, 04 December 2003
Kashmir: Learning from the Past, Asia Report N°70, 04 December 2003
Kashmir: Views from Islamabad and New Delhi and Learning from the Past, Asia Reports N°68, 69, 70, 04 December 2003
Georgia: What Now?, Europe Report N°151, 03 December 2003
Refugees and Internally Displaced in Burundi: The Urgent Need for a Consensus on Their Repatriation and Reintegration, Africa Briefing, 02 December 2003
"Lessons in How to Steal Elections"
David Lewis
, article/op-ed, 02 December 2003
Global Leaders Support New Israeli-Palestinian Peace Initiatives, Geneva Initiative, 01 December 2003
CrisisWatch N° 4, 1 December 2003, CrisisWatch, 01 December 2003
Côte d'Ivoire: "The War Is Not Yet Over", Africa Report N°72, 28 November 2003
Survey: Majority of Israelis and Palestinians Support Peace Proposal, Media Release, 24 November 2003
"Human Rights under Siege in Nepal"
Testimony of John Norris, Special Adviser to the President of The International Crisis Group Before the House Human Rights Caucus
, speech, 21 November 2003
Building Bridges in Mostar, Europe Report N°150, 20 November 2003
"Irak, Israël, Palestine, du désespoir à la folie?"
Rob Malley
, article/op-ed, 19 November 2003
Testimony of Mark L. Schneider, Sr. Vice President, International Crisis Group to the House International Relations Committee Hearing on Afghanistan, speech, 19 November 2003
Colombia: President Uribe's Democratic Security Policy, Latin America Report N°6, 13 November 2003
"A Tale of two Protectorates"
Morton Abramowitz
, article/op-ed, 13 November 2003
Iraq's Constitutional Challenge, Middle East Report N°19, 13 November 2003
The Perils of Private Security in Indonesia: Guards and Militias on Bali and Lombok, Asia Report N°67, 07 November 2003

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