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Horn of Africa project


Following the withdrawal of UN forces in 1995, Somalia has become the source of growing global interest because of the war on terrorism. Although the civil war which racked the country throughout the 1990s is now over, the country still lacks a central government and is plagued by numerous localised conflicts between rival militia groups backed by regional powers. Moreover, these battles threaten to escalate into large-scale bloodshed between allies of the Transitional National Government (TNG) and their rivals, those associated with the Somali Restoration and Reconciliation Council (SRRC).


Sudan lingers as one of the world's longest running and most intractable conflicts. With a devastating toll of death and destruction in its wake, the Sudanese civil war has often left a divided international community looking painfully ineffectual as it gropes to push the warring parties toward a meaningful peace process.

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Recent reports & briefings  
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Negotiating a Blueprint for Peace in Somalia, report, 06 March 2003
Sudan's Oilfields Burn Again: Brinkmanship Endangers The Peace Process, briefing, 10 February 2003
Power and Wealth Sharing: Make or Break Time in Sudan’s Peace Process, report, 18 December 2002
Salvaging Somalia’s Chance For Peace, briefing, 09 December 2002
Ending Starvation as a Weapon of War in Sudan, report, 14 November 2002
Sudan’s Best Chance for Peace: How Not to Lose It, report, 17 September 2002
Dialogue or Destruction? Organising for Peace as the War in Sudan Escalates, report, 27 June 2002
Somalia: Countering Terrorism in a Failed State, report, 23 May 2002
Capturing the Moment: Sudan's Peace Process in the Balance, report, 03 April 2002
God, Oil and Country: Changing the Logic of War in Sudan, report, 28 January 2002

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