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Active in the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia since 1997, ICG has issued over twenty-five major policy reports analysing events in Serbia. Analysis in the past has concentrated on the former Belgrade regime's handling of the Kosovo crisis, the levers by which Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic dominated political life in Serbia, and the successful struggle of the Serb opposition, particularly in the run-up to the Yugoslav presidential elections of 24 September 2000.

Although Milosevic is in The Hague, his corrosive criminal legacy continues to haunt Serbia. ICG aims to focus on the challenges facing the Serbian authorities, the development of independent media and civil society, institutional and economic reform, constitutional relations with Montenegro, interaction with the UN (UNMIK) protectorate in Kosovo, and relations with Serbia’s neighbours (Albania, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia).

Articles, op-eds, speeches and media releases can be found under the media section.

Recent reports & briefings  
Serbian Reform Stalls Again, report, 17 July 2003
Reforma u Srbiji Ponovo Zakoèena, report, 17 July 2003
Thessaloniki and After III: The EU and Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, briefing, 20 June 2003
Serbia After Djindjic, report, 18 March 2003
Arming Saddam: The Yugoslav Connection, report, 03 December 2002
Naoružavanje Sadama: Jugoslovenska Veza, report, 03 December 2002
Borba Za Kontrolu Nad Vojskom Jugoslavije, briefing, 15 July 2002
Fighting To Control Yugoslavia’s Military, briefing, 15 July 2002
Serbia: Military Intervention Threatens Democratic Reform, briefing, 28 March 2002
Srbija: Intervencija Vojske Pretnja Demokratskim Reformama, briefing, 28 March 2002
Belgrade’s Lagging Reform: Cause for International Concern (Verzija na lokalnom jeziku), report, 07 March 2002
Belgrade’s Lagging Reform: Cause for International Concern, report, 07 March 2002
Serbia's Transition: Reforms Under Siege, report, 21 September 2001
Serbia's Transition: Reforms under Siege (Verzija na lokalnom jeziku), report, 21 September 2001
Peace in Presevo: Quick Fix or Long Term Solution?, report, 10 August 2001
Milosevic in the Hague: What it Means for Yugoslavia and the Region, briefing, 06 July 2001
A Fair Exchange: Aid to Yugoslavia for Regional Stability, report, 15 June 2001
Serbia on the Eve of the December Elections, briefing, 19 December 2000
Sanctions Against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, briefing, 10 October 2000
Yugoslavia's Presidential Election: The Serbian People's Moment of Truth, report, 19 September 2000

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