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Bosnia and Herzegovina

ICG has provided detailed analysis and constructive criticism of the peace implementation process in Bosnia & Herzegovina since early 1996. This long engagement has permitted ICG to speak with authority regarding both the achievements and the failures of the international community's "state-building" efforts in BiH - and to become a vital source of information and policy advice for foreign and domestic authorities, academics and journalists.

Recent ICG reports on war criminals, legal reform, the economy, the police, refugee return and political currents have not only influenced specific decisions of policy-makers, they have also helped to define the terms in which issues are considered. Although based in Sarajevo, the ICG's team of experienced analysts travels and maintains contacts throughout the country and region.

Laporan-laporan kami mengenai Bosnia and Herzegovina dapat dilihat daftarnya dibawah ini, dimulai dengan  laporan kami yang terbaru. Anda juga dapat mencari laporan yang relevan dengan menggunakan kotak pencari yang terletak pada bagian kanan paling atas dari halaman ini.

Recent reports & briefings  
Bosnia's Nationalist Governments:
Paddy Ashdown and the Paradoxes of State Building
, report, 22 July 2003
Nacionalistièke vlade Bosne i Hercegovine: Paddy Ashdown i paradoks izgradnje države, report, 22 July 2003
Thessaloniki and After II: The EU and Bosnia, briefing, 20 June 2003
Brčko Distrikt Bosne i Hercegovine: Početak, napredak i povlaèenje, report, 02 June 2003
Bosnia's Brcko: Getting In, Getting On and Getting Out, report, 02 June 2003
The Continuing Challenge Of Refugee Return In Bosnia & Herzegovina, report, 13 December 2002
Dalji izazovi na putu povratka izbjeglica u Bosnu i Hercegovinu, report, 13 December 2002
Bh Alijansa za (omanje) promjene, report, 02 August 2002
Bosnia's Alliance for (Smallish) Change, report, 02 August 2002
Policing The Police In Bosnia: A Further Reform Agenda, report, 10 May 2002
Uredivanje organa reda: dalji plan reforme u BiH Izvještaj ICG-a za Balkan, report, 10 May 2002
Provedba jednakopravnosti: Odluka o konstitutivnosti naroda u Bosni i Hercegovini, report, 16 April 2002
Implementing Equality: The "Constituent Peoples" Decision in Bosnia & Herzegovina, report, 16 April 2002
Courting Disaster: The Misrule of Law in Bosnia & Herzegovina, report, 25 March 2002
Igranje sa sudbinom: Bosna i Hercegovina bez vladavine zakona, report, 25 March 2002
Bosna I Hercegovina : Redefiniranje Meðunarodne Mašinerije, report, 29 November 2001
Bosnia: Reshaping the International Machinery, report, 29 November 2001
The Wages of Sin: Confronting Bosnia's Republika Srpska (Verzija na Lokalnom Jeziku), report, 08 October 2001
The Wages of Sin: Confronting Bosnia's Republika Srpska, report, 08 October 2001
Bosnia's Precarious Economy: Still not Open for Business, report, 07 August 2001

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