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Reports by date

The 15 most recent ICG publications are listed below. To find earlier publications please click on the relevant year of publication below. To subscribe to ICG publications click here.

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reports & briefings  
Rule of Law in Public Administration: Confusion and Discrimination in a Post-Communist Bureaucracy, report, 15 December 1999
Starting from Scratch in Kosovo: The Honeymoon Is Over, report, 10 December 1999
Burundian Refugees in Tanzania: The Key Factor to the Burundi Peace Process, report, 30 November 1999
Trepca: Making Sense of the Labyrinth, report, 26 November 1999
Violence in Kosovo: Who's Killing Whom?, report, 02 November 1999
Is Dayton Failing?: Bosnia Four Years After the Peace Agreement, report, 28 October 1999
Waiting For UNMIK: Local Administration in Kosovo, report, 18 October 1999
ICG Indonesia: Indonesia's Shaky Transition, report, 10 October 1999
Kinshasa Sous Kabila A La veille du Dialogue National, report, 21 September 1999
Macedonia: Gearing up for Presidential Elections, report, 18 September 1999
Who's Who in Kosovo, report, 31 August 1999
Democratic Republic of Congo: An Analysis of the Agreement and Prospects for Peace, report, 20 August 1999
Montenegro Briefing: Calm Before the Storm, report, 18 August 1999
Transforming Serbia: the Key to Long Term Stability, report, 12 August 1999
Preventing Minority Return in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Anatomy of Hate and Fear, report, 02 August 1999
Rule Over Law: Obstacles to the Development of an Independent Judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina, report, 05 July 1999
Republika Srpska in The Post-Kosovo Era: Collateral Damage and Transformation, report, 05 July 1999
Rule Over Law: Obstacles to the Development of an Independent Judiciary in Bosnia and Herzegovina, report, 05 July 1999
Back To The Future: Milosevic Prepares for Life After Kosovo, report, 28 June 1999
The New Kosovo Protectorate, report, 20 June 1999
Africa's Seven-Nation War, report, 21 May 1999
How Kabila Lost His Way: The Performance of Laurent Désiré Kabila's Government, report, 21 May 1999
Macedonia: Towards Destabilisation? The Kosovo crisis takes its toll on Macedonia, report, 21 May 1999
Kosovo: Let’s Learn from Bosnia, report, 17 May 1999
Milosevic's Aims in War and Diplomacy (12/5/99), report, 12 May 1999
Milosevic¡¦s Aims in War and Diplomacy, report, 11 May 1999
Burundi:Internal and Regional Implications of the Suspension of Sanctions, report, 04 May 1999
Burundi: Proposals for the resumption of bilateral and multilateral co-operation., report, 04 May 1999
Quelles conditions pour la reprise de la coopération au Burundi, report, 27 April 1999
Why Will No One Invest In Bosnia and Herzegovina?, report, 21 April 1999
War in The Balkans: Consequences of the Kosovo Conflict and Future Options for Kosovo and the Region, report, 19 April 1999
Elections Présidentielles en Algérie: Les enjeux et les perspectives, report, 13 April 1999
Cinq ans après le génocide au Rwanda: la justice en question, report, 07 April 1999
Five Years After the Genocide in Rwanda: Justice in Question, report, 07 April 1999
Republika Srpska¡VPoplasen, Brcko and Kosovo: Three Crises and Out?, report, 06 April 1999
Macedonia Update: Challenges and Choices for the New Government, report, 29 March 1999
Sidelining Slobodan: Getting rid of Europe's last dictator, report, 15 March 1999
Unifying The Kosovar Factions: The Way Forward, report, 12 March 1999
Kosovo: The Road To Peace Critical Implementation Issues And a "Who's Who" of Key Players, report, 12 March 1999
Breaking The Mould: Electoral Reform In Bosnia And Herzegovina, report, 04 March 1999
Brcko: A Comprehensive Solution, report, 02 February 1999
Back from the Brink: Cambodian Democracy gets a Second Chance, report, 26 January 1999
La presse dans la tourmente électorale, report, 08 January 1999
Macedonia:“New Faces In Skopje”, report, 08 January 1999
The State Of Albania, report, 06 January 1999
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