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Arab/Israeli Conflict
Egypt/North Africa


From Amman, ICG analyses the long and short-term factors that feed violent conflict, identifying ways of increasing the capacity and will of governments to cooperate on issues of internal and international security.

Arab-Israeli Conflict

ICG’s work in Israel, the occupied territories and Israel’s Arab neighbours is focused on new and more comprehensive political and diplomatic strategies to address the sources of conflict, and deal with the main factors within Israel and Arab societies hindering the achievement of sustainable peace.

Egypt/North Africa

In Algeria, ICG continues to monitor the state's efforts to overcome a decade of civil war, and suggest ways of accelerating and managing the transition to a law-bound government. ICG also monitors developments threatening peace internally and externally in Egypt and the other countries of North Africa.


ICG analyses the underlying causes of tensions and conflicts in the Gulf region and suggests ways of alleviating them, while exploring appropriate means to promote good governance, sustainable economic growth, and regional stability and security.

October 2002

Recent reports & briefings  
Dealing with Iran's Nuclear Program, report, 27 October 2003
Iran: Discontent and Disarray, briefing, 15 October 2003
The Challenge of Political Reform: Jordanian Democratisation and Regional Instability, briefing, 08 October 2003
The Challenge of Political Reform: Egypt After the Iraq War, briefing, 30 September 2003
Iraq’s Shiites Under Occupation, briefing, 09 September 2003
Governing Iraq, report, 25 August 2003
Hizbollah: Rebel Without A Cause?, briefing, 30 July 2003
The Israeli-Palestinian Roadmap: What a Settlement Freeze Means and Why it Matters, report, 25 July 2003
Baghdad: A Race Against the Clock, briefing, 11 June 2003
Algeria: Unrest and Impasse in Kabylia, report, 10 June 2003
L’Algérie: Agitation et Impasse en Kabylie, report, 10 June 2003
A Middle East Roadmap To Where?, report, 02 May 2003
Islamic Social Welfare Activism In The Occupied Palestinian Territories: A Legitimate Target?, report, 02 April 2003
War in Iraq: Managing Humanitarian Relief, report, 27 March 2003
War In Iraq: Political Challenges After The Conflict, report, 25 March 2003
War In Iraq: What's Next For The Kurds?, report, 19 March 2003
Iraq Policy Briefing: Is There An Alternative To War?, report, 24 February 2003
Red Alert In Jordan: Recurrent Unrest In Maan, briefing, 19 February 2003
Radical Islam In Iraqi Kurdistan: The Mouse That Roared?, briefing, 07 February 2003
Yemen: Coping with Terrorism and Violence in a Fragile State, report, 08 January 2003

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