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  • “The International Crisis Group…deploys a network of analysts in hot spots around the world to monitor volatile political situations, formulating original, independent recommendations to build global pressure for their peaceful resolution.”
    -Richard N. Haass, Director of Policy Planning, U.S. State Department, in "U.S. Foreign Policy Agenda”, 20 November 2002

  • “Your report on Palestinian reform was certainly the best-informed, most serious and useful analyses of the subject from any quarter since the issue acquired such proportions this year. Thank you very much for this incisive document.”
    -Raja Khalidi, Coordinator, Assistance to the Palestinian people, UNCTAD, on ICG report The Meanings of Palestinian Reform, 18 November 2002

  • “The International Crisis Group is to be commended for its timely and insightful exploration of critical areas in the world and the ways to prevent and contain deadly conflicts. At the Argentine Council for International Relations, the ICG is regarded as a pre-eminent organisation in the field of conflict prevention and we very much welcome the reports you forward on a regular basis. These reports are widely consulted within our institution and provide crucial background information for the discussions held by our different working groups.”
    -Carlos Manuel Muñiz, President of Argentine Council for International Relations, 4 November 2002

  • “Hard facts and clear data seem to be in short supply and yet are badly needed.  This piece is the best backgrounder on the history of Saddam's regime; the current state of play and analysis of the opposition that I have come across.”
    -James Garrison, President of State of the World Forum, on ICG report Iraq Backgrounder: What Lies Beneath, 11 October 2002

  • “The Committee believes that the International Crisis Group provides the high-quality analysis and policy recommendations that can help prevent and reduce the level of deadly violence resulting from complex crises, and strongly recommends that the Department of State and USAID provide funding for the ICG to continue its research in areas of US foreign policy interest.”
    -United States House of Representatives, 107th Congress Report, 19 September 2002

  • "This is a timely report which exactly reflects our concerns; I shall make sure that all of our Heads of Mission read it."
    -Ambassador Daan Everts, 2003 Dutch OSCE Presidency, on ICG report The OSCE in Central Asia: A New Strategy, 12 September 2002

  • “There is a great deal of wisdom in the philosophy of the ICG to pre-empt crises on the international scene before they explode into open conflict.”
    -Issam Fares, Deputy Prime Minister of the Lebanon, 20 August 2002

  • “Congratulations on a first-class piece of work. I have circulated it widely here in the British Embassy.”
    -Richard Gozney, British Ambassador to Indonesia, on ICG Ngruki Network Briefing, 12 August 2002

  • “I welcome your initiative in putting these reports together and getting them out into the public domain. I know Jack Straw does too…Your reports have gone a lot further in spelling out in a greater level of detail what a settlement could look like. That is something that I doubt any Government could have done at this stage. I believe your work has real value. First, it provides source material and options for negotiators to draw on when they come back to the table. Second, it can help to generate a shift in the debate among Israelis, Palestinians and others, by demonstrating that there are alternatives to a continuation of the current cycle of violence. The peace camps need ammunition to win the battle for popular opinion…We will aim to make use of your work in our public diplomacy to reinforce the argument that rational solutions are not impossible to find and that, although no deal will be perfect for any party, an overall package along the lines you describe is far more attractive for all than the status quo.”
    -Tony Blair, UK Prime Minister, on ICG Middle East Endgame Reports, 6 August 2002

  • “A solid basis for meaningful negotiations and a fair solution: they hit the right note.”
    -Amre Moussa, Secretary-General of the Arab League, on ICG Middle East Endgame Reports, 6 August 2002

  • “The Secretary-General…commends this very serious and professional attempt to elaborate a specific outline of peace agreements on the Palestinian, Syrian and Lebanese tracks of the Middle East peace process…The ICG reports provide a very useful and valuable input for the common search for peace in the region.”
    -Danilo Turk, Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs, United Nations, on ICG Middle East Endgame Reports, 6 August 2002

  • “We believe that these reports are an important contribution to making peace in the Middle East, and we will circulate them amongst our officers and managers…you have demonstrated that there is a way forward, that realistic common ground does exist, and that the peoples of the region need not continue to be stuck in a cycle of violence, mistrust and despair.”
    -Michael Molloy, Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Canadian Dept. of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, on ICG Middle East Endgame Reports, 31 July 2002

  • “ICG has contributed enormously to the understanding of issues that affect the lives of millions around the globe.”
    -UN Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN), 19 July 2002

  • “I have huge admiration for what Mr Malley has been doing. I think the International Crisis Group plays a really important role, not just in the Middle East but elsewhere. And I think that the report that Mr Malley and the ICG have done is a very, very useful document indeed.”
    -Chris Patten, EU External Affairs Commissioner, on ICG Middle East Endgame Reports, on CNN International: Q&A; with Jim Clancy, on 16 July 2002

  • “They look extremely imressive. I am asking my team to have a close look at them. Congratulations on getting them out on a good timing.”
    -Jeremy Greenstock, United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations, on ICG Middle East Endgame Reports, 16 July 2002

  • “I found…‘Storm Clouds Over Sun City’ extremely constructive and I urge you to continue in that way. A solution must be found for the DRC [Democratic Republic of the Congo].”
    -Semakula Kiwanuka, Ambassador Extraordinary & Plenipotentiary/Permanent Representative of Uganda to the UN, 25 June 2002

  • “It is our opinion that your activity so far has contributed significantly to the affirmation of positions expressed in the UN SC Resolution No 1244.”
    -Nebojsa Covic, President, Coordination Centre of Federal Republic of Yugoslavia and Republic of Serbia for Kosovo and Metohia, 21 June 2002

  • “You are here because this commission respects, not only the work you do, but the wisdom and the counsel that you bring to light for us so that we can analyze and do a better job.”
    -Christopher Smith, U.S. Representative and Co-Chairman of the U.S. Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe. Quote made during ICG Kosovo Project Director Valerie Percival’s testimony at the hearing on prospects for Ethnic Harmony in Kosovo, 19 June 2002

  • “I fully agree with your conclusion that focusing on security issues alone will not lead to meaningful negotiations and a lasting peace agreement.”
    -Chris Patten, EU External Affairs Commissioner, 6 June 2002 on ICG report ‘A Time To Lead: The International Community and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict’

  • “I had a chance last night to read “A Time To Lead”, the very recent report on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is truly a first-rate piece: lucid, informative, balanced, constructive and action-oriented. It is a great illustration of ICG’s role and contribution.”
    -Abraham F. Lowenthal, Founding President of the Pacific Council on International Policy, 6 May 2002

  • “The work of the ICG, in the wake of recent and current conflicts, is more important than 
    -Peter Goldsmith, Her Majesty's Attorney General, United Kingdom, 24 April 2002

  • “I thought the latest (report) "Courting disaster - the misrule of law in BiH" was superb and will be used by me as something of a bible in tackling the Rule of Law issue in BiH when I get there.”
    -Paddy Ashdown, High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, 12 April 2002

  • “It was with great interest that I read the book ‘God, Oil and Country’, recently published by the ICG, a brilliant analysis of the conflict that tears this country apart.”
    -Ambassador Josef Bucher, Special Representative on Conflict Issues at the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and former Swiss Ambassador to Kenya and other Great Lakes countries, 22 March 2002

  • “Some of the issues raised by the Brussels group should be central to the thinking processes of Pakistan's leaders, only because they serve to underline the difficult choices facing the country.”
    -Farhan Bokhari, Gulf News, on ICG Report Pakistan: the Dangers of Conventional Wisdom, 18 March 2002

  • “It is with a sense of sincere admiration that I have read about ICG’s unique contribution for this year alone in the areas of analysis, policy prescription and advocacy. ICG’s project expansion and growing visibility are truly commendable”.
    -James D. Wolfensohn, President, The World Bank, 2 March 2002

  • “Certainly in the Zimbabwean context, ICG sits as THE leading voice in conflict resolution. It remains now for the international and regional communities to take notice of all of ICG’s advice and maybe soon we will end up with a resolution to this unbelievable tragedy that has unfolded so quickly and with such devastation”.
    -Annabel Hughes, Zimbabwe Democracy Trust, 9 February 2002

  • “At Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA), we have long enjoyed the benefit of your organization’s analysis and wisdom.”
    -Shazia Rafi, Secretary-General of Parliamentarians for Global Action (PGA), 7 February 2002

  •  “ICG was impressive on several levels, including creating the environment that got us out there in the first place, providing first rate information that enabled us to understand the issues, and briefing us on the spot. It was also apparent once we were on the ground that ICG had energized the entire international system…ICG provided much of the impetus that got OTI there.”
    -Don Krumm, Senior Field Advisor, Office of Transition Initiatives, US Agency for International Development, 11 January 2002 re ICG Advocacy work on Burundi 

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