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Bibliography of published writings


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Commission Reports

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Selected Journal Articles and Monographs

“The Responsibility to Protect:  When is it Right to Fight?”, Progressive Politics, July 2003, vol. 2.2.

“The U.S. versus The World: How American Power Seems to the Rest of Us”, The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, Summer/Fall 2003, vol. 27:2, 99-113.

 “The U.S. vs the World: Rebuilding a Relationship”
Defense, June/July 2003.

“Paradise Betrayed-West Papua’s Struggle for Independence: A Comment” (with Sidney Jones), Quarterly Essay, 9:2003, 109-12.

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Note: Numerous other published papers, speeches and shorter articles by Gareth Evans may be found, among other places, in Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade publications (Australian Foreign Affairs Record, Monthly Record, Australian Foreign Affairs and Trade, Backgrounder, Insight), World Review and Canberra Survey, the website of the International Crisis Group (www.crisisweb.org) and, accessible through that, his personal website. Newspaper and magazine articles in the general press have not been included here, but op ed pieces written since he became President of ICG in January 2000 are listed below.

Opinion Page Articles 2000-2003

West Africa’s Interlocking War: Time For A New Regional Approach To The Crisis
West Africa Magazine, 16 May 2003.

The UN must act. Africa is on the verge of another genocide”
International Herand Tribune, 17 May 2003

Humanity did not justify this war
Financial Times, 15 May 2003

Road Map vs. Reality (with Robert Malley)
The Washington Post, 6 May 2003

The UN is best placed to rebuild Iraq  (with Robert Malley)
 Financial Times, 7 April 2003

The Kurds: a catastrophe waiting to happen (with Joost Hiltermann)
International Herald Tribune, 20 March 2003

The question for Powell
International Herald Tribune, 3 February 2003

Missed opportunities for peace
The Observer Online, 26 January 2003

Roadblocks on the path to peace (with Robert Malley)
New York Times, 24 October 2002

Disarming Saddam is enough
International Herald Tribune, 16 September 2002

What the world should hear from Bush
International Herald Tribune, 6 September 2002

The quest for security and social justice
Australian Financial Review, 6 September 2002

Bush's plan is simply unrealistic (with Robert Malley)
International Herald Tribune, 28 June 2002

Don't let Zimbabwe implode
International Herald Tribune, 18 June 2002

No abandonemos a Asia Central
La Vanguardia, 5 June 2002

Get to peace by putting politics first
The Observer OnLine, 14 April 2002

Start with the endgame
International Herald Tribune, 10 April 2002

Clean up Macedonia
Wall Street Journal Europe, 12 March 2002

Iraq and the UN Security Council
International Herald Tribune, 28 February 2002

Sudan: seize this serious chance to end a long civil war (with John Prendergast) International Herald Tribune, 29 January 2002

Hit Mugabe hard where it hurts, now
Sydney Morning Herald, 21 January 2002

Beware of conjuring up fresh Afghanistans in Central Asia
International Herald Tribune, 3 October 2001

Channel shock and anger to fight terrorism's source
International Herald Tribune, 15 September 2001

Get moving now to prevent genocide in Burundi
International Herald Tribune, 22 August 2001

NATO must do more in Macedonia
Wall Street Journal, 22 August 2001

Shades of Bosnia: NATO's plan for Macedonia is not sufficient
Wall Street Journal Europe, 16 August 2001

Indonesia's military culture has to be reformed
International Herald Tribune, 24 July 2001

Belgrade needs help, but the aid must have firm conditions
International Herald Tribune, 27 June 2001

Sorry, the boys should darn well stay in Bosnia.
International Herald Tribune, 25 May 2001

The great unfinished business of Southeastern Europe
International Herald Tribune, 26 April 2001

Le Prochain point chaud des Balkans
Le Monde, 20 February 2001

The next Balkan hot spot?
Wall Street Journal, 12 February 2001

A wake-up call to Jakarta: governance, please
International Herald Tribune, 7 February 2001

In Central Africa, an urgent challenge to American leadership
International Herald Tribune, 25 January 2001

Yes to a Hague-on-the-Danube trial for Milosevic
International Herald Tribune, 9 January 2001

Central Asians need help now to head off conflict
International Herald Tribune, 16 August 2000

Montenegro needs Western help
Wall Street Journal Europe, 16 June 2000


Biography of Gareth Evans

Gareth Evans, by Keith Scott, Allen and Unwin, Sydney, 1999, ix + 414 pp.

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