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Since its establishment in July 1995, ICG has made significant progress towards becoming a fully operational and effective crisis prevention agency, embarking on a number of important crisis-prevention initiatives in Africa and the Balkans.

As these initiatives progress, ICG staff are also at work on a number of core projects that support the organisation's broader role of anticipating and encouraging an early response to potential crises. To this end, ICG is:

  • joining forces with several major international NGOs to share information and opinions on possible future crises;

  • building up a data-base of information on past and present crises and lessons for the international community; and

  • setting up a research network of academics and specialists from universities, research institutes and large companies.

ICG policy-makers are currently examining a number of other countries where initiatives might be launched, including Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Liberia, Burma, Georgia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia. In selecting countries for future engagement, a key consideration is the extent to which ICG can add value to work already being carried out by governments, international agencies and other NGOs.

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