ICG in Africa


Central Africa

In April 1996, ICG published a policy paper on Burundi which began the organisation's involvement in Central Africa. In 1997, ICG and its Board launched an intensive Central Africa lobbying effort to prevent full-scale conflict in Burundi, Rwanda and what was then Zaire.

Sierra Leone

After helping to support Sierra Leone's first democratic elections in 1996, ICG worked hard during 1997 to encourage good governance in this troubled West African state. Also, during civil conflict in late 1997 and 1998, ICG continued to monitor the situation, providing monthly analyses of developments on the ground.


In 1998, ICG launched an Algeria project, which is concerned with the vicious internal conflict and repression which has characterised Algeria in recent years.

Africa Resources

Popular perceptions of Africa can be misleading not least due to the lack of news coverage of events on the continent and a scarcity of publications and other sources of information. With this problem in mind, the International Crisis Group has compiled a directory over 225 of the best websites containing information on Africa.

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