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Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina
ICG Bosnia Project, 22 September, 1996

The following report is the most comprehensive independent assessment of the elections in Bosnia-Herzegovina released to date. It follows on from ICG's earlier reports which advocated the postponement of the elections until the conditions for a free and fair vote were in place. ICG shall continue reporting on the implementation of the Dayton Accords into their second year, looking at the results of the recent vote and all its ramifications.

In order to facilitate easy access to this report, and to minimise downloading times, we have divided the text into three files which are accessible via the hyperlinks below. If you wish to save the entire report for later viewing or printing, use your browser's "Save As" command to store parts 1,2 & 3 separately. Each part of the report has a file size greater than 40Kb, so it may take a few minutes to view the text if you have a slow connection.

Full, bound copies of this report are available from ICG's London office, which can be contacted by e-mail here.


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