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إن المجموعة الدولية لمعالجة الأزمات ،إن المجموعة الدولية لمعالجة الأزمات (ICG)، هي منظمة مستقلة غير ربحية متعددة الجنسيات يعمل بها 90 (ثسعون) موظفا في 5 (خمسة) قارات، يعملون من خلال التحليل الميداني الموجهة للمستويات القيادية لمنع أو حل النزاعات.

Latest Report 

Kashmir: Views from Islamabad and New Delhi and Learning from the Past
04 December 2003
Asia Reports N°68, 69, 70

Despite the ceasefire in Kashmir at the end of November 2003, there is serious potential for another violent crisis. All sides will have to reconsider current approaches if peace is to be achieved. ICG is publishing simultaneously three reports which, taken together, set out the public and private positions of the Indian and Pakistani governments, political leaders and media and examine the history of the crisis and past efforts to resolve it. Including an earlier report on views from within the Kashmir Valley, the series analyses the positions and looks at the constraints in terms of ending the conflict, as they are perceived on all sides. A subsequent final report will offer extensive recommendations on how to move forward with a process of reconciliation between India and Pakistan and within Kashmir.

media release

Recent reports & briefings  
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Kashmir: Views from Islamabad and New Delhi and Learning from the Past, Asia Reports N°68, 69, 70, 04 December 2003
Georgia: What Now?, Europe Report N°151, 03 December 2003
Refugees and Internally Displaced in Burundi: The Urgent Need for a Consensus on Their Repatriation and Reintegration, Africa Briefing, 02 December 2003
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The Perils of Private Security in Indonesia: Guards and Militias on Bali and Lombok, Asia Report N°67, 07 November 2003
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Youth in Central Asia: Losing the New Generation, Asia Report N°66, 31 October 2003
Dealing with Iran's Nuclear Program, Middle East Report N°18, 27 October 2003
Macedonia: No Time for Complacency, Europe Report N°149, 23 October 2003

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