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media releases  
Joint Statement by The International Crisis Group, Care International, and the International Rescue Committee on The Expansion of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, media release, 31 October 2003
Iraq’s Shiites Under Occupation, media release, 09 September 2003
Kosovo: An Agenda for the new UN Special Representative, media release, 03 September 2003
Sierra Leone: Security and Governance, media release, 02 September 2003
Jemaah Islamiyah in South East Asia: Damaged But Still Dangerous, media release, 26 August 2003
Governing Iraq as opposition becomes stronger and more violent, media release, 25 August 2003
Five Minutes to Midnight in Sudan’s Peace Process, media release, 08 August 2003
Afghanistan: Pashtun Alienation, media release, 05 August 2003
Sierra Leone’s Special Court: Promises and Pitfalls, media release, 04 August 2003
North Korea: A Phased Negotiation Strategy, media release, 31 July 2003
Hizbollah: Rebel Without a Cause?, media release, 30 July 2003
Somaliland: Alternatives to Independence?, media release, 28 July 2003
Settlement expansion endangers Roadmap and two-state solution, media release, 25 July 2003
Indonesia needs exit strategy for Aceh operation, media release, 23 July 2003
Bosnia: Getting in Deeper in Order to Get Out
Paddy Ashdown’s First Year as High Representative
, media release, 22 July 2003
Indonesia: Managing decentralisation and conflict, media release, 18 July 2003
Serbian Reform Stalls Again, media release, 17 July 2003
Liberia: ICG urges U.S. to lead a robust multinational force, media release, 16 July 2003
Central Asia: Islam and the State, media release, 10 July 2003
Colombia’s Humanitarian Crisis, media release, 09 July 2003
Zimbabwe: Everyone Wants Change. Bush visit to South Africa a ‘unique opportunity’, media release, 08 July 2003
Sudan's Peace Process, media release, 07 July 2003
Serbian government attempts to silence ICG:
Statement by ICG President Gareth Evans
, media release, 04 July 2003
Hizb ut-Tahrir: Responding to Radical Islam, media release, 30 June 2003
Sudan’s Other Wars, media release, 25 June 2003
Thessaloniki Summit risks alienating Western Balkans: EU should give all states and entities in region pre-accession status, media release, 20 June 2003
Nepal: Obstacles to Peace, media release, 17 June 2003
Congo: UN Interim Emergency Force in Ituri is Totally Insufficient, media release, 13 June 2003
Afghanistan’s Flawed Constitution Process
Lack of consultation raises risk of extremism and conflict
, media release, 12 June 2003
Crisis in Liberia: A Call to Action
ICG memo to United Nations urges US to lead multinational force
, media release, 11 June 2003
Baghdad: A Race Against the Clock, media release, 11 June 2003
Algeria: Unrest and Impasse in Kabylia, media release, 10 June 2003
The Taiwan Strait Flashpoint
How to maintain the peace between China and Taiwan
, media release, 06 June 2003
The Taiwan Strait Flashpoint
How to maintain the peace between China and Taiwan
, media release, 06 June 2003
The Taiwan Strait Flashpoint
How to maintain the peace between China and Taiwan
, media release, 06 June 2003
Bosnia's Brcko:
Getting In, Getting On and Getting Out
, media release, 02 June 2003
Ituri: UN Multinational Force Must Intervene to Stop Acts of Genocide and Disarm Militias, media release, 30 May 2003
Kosovo’s Ethnic Dilemma
UNMIK must lay the foundation for a ‘civic contract’
, media release, 28 May 2003
Disarmament of Rwandan Hutu rebels in the Congo: MONUC's impotence a liability, media release, 23 May 2003
Aceh: Why the military option still won't work, media release, 09 May 2003
Myanmar's ethnic minorities
Building political capacity is vital for peace
, media release, 07 May 2003
A Middle East Roadmap to Where?, media release, 02 May 2003
West Africa's War: None Without Blame
Tackling Liberia is first step to ending dangerous regional conflict
, media release, 30 April 2003
EBRD Meets in Central Asia: Don't Waste the Opportunity, media release, 29 April 2003
Tajikistan: Poor and getting poorer despite aid efforts, media release, 24 April 2003
Montenegro and Serbia: A Marriage of Inconvenience, media release, 16 April 2003
Nepal's Ceasefire - Soft Landing or Strategic Pause?, media release, 10 April 2003
Indonesia: Papua division creates tension and turmoil, media release, 09 April 2003
Colombia's instability entangles its neighbours, media release, 08 April 2003
Angola's Choice: Reform Or Regress, media release, 07 April 2003
Islamic Charities in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, media release, 02 April 2003
Iraq: Managing Humanitarian Relief, media release, 27 March 2003
Iraq: Who should run it after the war?, media release, 25 March 2003
Pakistan: The Mullahs and the Military, media release, 20 March 2003
War in Iraq: avoiding catastrophe in the north
U.S. must get to Kirkuk first and ensure Turks and Kurds exercise restraint
, media release, 19 March 2003
Serbia After Djindjic - Don't Reward his Assassins, media release, 18 March 2003
Afghanistan: Women and Reconstruction, media release, 14 March 2003
Albania calmer, but grave social and economic problems remain, media release, 11 March 2003
Zimbabwe Beyond Mugabe: Danger and Opportunity, media release, 10 March 2003
Blueprint Needed for Peace in Somalia
Peace talks in danger of collapsing
, media release, 06 March 2003
Sudanese government continues military assault
Government-backed forces violate cessation of hostilities as peace talks resume
, media release, 06 March 2003
Aceh's Best Chance for Peace
ICG report examines key elements of the December accord
, media release, 27 February 2003
Dealing with Savimbi's Ghost
Angola's Peace Process at a Crossroads
, media release, 26 February 2003
Iraq: Is there an alternative to war?, media release, 24 February 2003
Time for donors to step up in Burundi
Responsible aid strategy, peace dividends needed to stabilise ceasefire
, media release, 21 February 2003
Red Alert in Jordan: Recurrent Unrest in Maan
ICG report presented to HM King Abdullah of Jordan
, media release, 19 February 2003
Uzbekistan Backs Off Promised Reforms
EBRD meeting in Tashkent should insist government meets commitments
, media release, 18 February 2003
Sudan's Oilfields Burn Again, media release, 10 February 2003
Radical Islam in Iraqi Kurdistan: Ansar al-Islam, media release, 07 February 2003
Afghan justice needs funds and more international action, media release, 28 January 2003
Eastern Congo: Serious fighting threatens peace plans, media release, 24 January 2003
Turkmenistan's Failing Dictatorship, media release, 17 January 2003
Yemen: Coping with Terrorism and Violence in a Fragile State, media release, 08 January 2003
Sierra Leone’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission, media release, 20 December 2002
Colombia: Will Uribe’s Honeymoon Last?, media release, 19 December 2002
Sudan: Make or Break Time on Power and Wealth Sharing, media release, 18 December 2002
Refugee returns in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, media release, 13 December 2002
Refugee returns in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, media release, 13 December 2002
Refugee returns in Bosnia, Croatia and Kosovo, media release, 13 December 2002
Bali bombing: Rift emerges within Jemaah Islamiyah, media release, 11 December 2002
Central Asia: police reform and regional stability, media release, 10 December 2002
Salvaging Somalia’s Chance for Peace, media release, 09 December 2002
What Iraqis think about war and political change, media release, 04 December 2002
Arming Saddam: The Yugoslav Connection, media release, 03 December 2002
Kashmir: The View From Srinagar, media release, 21 November 2002
Israel-Lebanon Border Conflict: Old Games, New Rules, media release, 18 November 2002
Macedonia: A new Security Approach for NATO and the EU, media release, 15 November 2002
Sudan: End Starvation as a Weapon of War
Key meeting due in mid-December on aid access
, media release, 14 November 2002
Rwanda: Liberalisation Is Needed
Political repression fuels ethnic division, hinders democratic transition
, media release, 13 November 2002
Insistence on prior Palestinian reform impairs peace prospects, media release, 12 November 2002
Ba’asyir arrest unlikely to improve Indonesia’s security
Megawati under pressure following Bali bombings
, media release, 24 October 2002
Zimbabwe: International division plays into Mugabe’s hands
Media focus on white farmers feeds ZANU-PF propaganda
, media release, 17 October 2002
Flores: A Microcosm of Indonesia’s Problems, media release, 10 October 2002
Colombia: Prospects for Peace with the ELN, media release, 04 October 2002
Pakistan: Democracy needed, not more military rule
President Musharraf’s plans perpetuate military power, instability
, media release, 03 October 2002
Iraq: What Lies Beneath
Implications for international decision-making
, media release, 01 October 2002
Myanmar’s military and the future, media release, 27 September 2002
Moment of Truth in Sudan’s Peace Process, media release, 17 September 2002
Papua: More Conflict Likely, media release, 13 September 2002
Finding the Balance: The Scales of Justice in Kosovo, media release, 12 September 2002
The OSCE in Central Asia: A New Strategy, media release, 11 September 2002
Zimbabwe’s silent, selective starvation, media release, 29 August 2002
UNAIDS and ICG sign Cooperation Framework to address HIV/AIDS and security issue, media release, 23 August 2002
Kyrgyzstan’s political crisis, media release, 20 August 2002
Liberia Unravelling: A textbook case for international action, media release, 19 August 2002
Sudan peace talks in Kenya: a shaky chance for peace, media release, 12 August 2002
ICG analyses Al-Qaeda links in Indonesia
The Case of the “Ngruki network”
, media release, 08 August 2002
Burundi: Rocky start for new ceasefire talks, media release, 06 August 2002
Iran: The Struggle for the Revolution´s Soul, media release, 05 August 2002
Bosnia’s Alliance for Change Expires as Elections Approach, media release, 02 August 2002
Rwanda Tribunal: The Countdown, media release, 01 August 2002
Afghanistan: Prospects and Perils
Long-term stability hampered by security concerns and focus on terrorism
, media release, 30 July 2002
Pakistan: Madrasas, Extremism and the Military, media release, 29 July 2002
Middle East Endgame: A comprehensive proposal for an Arab-Israeli peace settlement, media release, 16 July 2002
Middle East Endgame: A comprehensive proposal for an Arab-Israeli peace settlement, media release, 16 July 2002
Middle East Endgame: A comprehensive proposal for an Arab-Israeli peace settlement, media release, 16 July 2002
Sierra Leone’s elections: politics as usual?, media release, 15 July 2002
Fighting to Control Yugoslavia’s Military, media release, 15 July 2002
Kashmir: Confrontation and Miscalculation, media release, 11 July 2002
Sudan’s war more lethal than ever, media release, 27 June 2002
Algeria: Time To Prove That Politics Matters, media release, 24 June 2002
Zimbabwe: risk of internal conflict imminent
G-8 should link NEPAD to progress on Zimbabwe crisis
, media release, 14 June 2002
Kosovo: UNMIK must tackle division in Mitrovica, media release, 03 June 2002
Water and Conflict in Central Asia, media release, 30 May 2002
Transition at great risk in Burundi
Arusha implementation and aid cannot wait for ceasefire
, media release, 24 May 2002
Somalia: Countering Terrorism in a Failed State, media release, 23 May 2002
Colombia: Presidential Election Briefing, media release, 22 May 2002
U.S. military aid package to Indonesia is flawed, media release, 21 May 2002
Afghanistan's Loya Jirga
Security, Resources and Focussed Diplomacy Urgently Needed
, media release, 16 May 2002
Storm clouds over Congo peace process
Vital roles for President Mbeki and the UN
, media release, 14 May 2002
Storm clouds over Congo peace process
Vital roles for President Mbeki and the UN
, media release, 14 May 2002
An Agenda for the new EU Police Mission in Bosnia, media release, 10 May 2002
Serbia and Montenegro agreement buys time EU integration should not be conditional on maintaining “union”, media release, 07 May 2002
Serbia and Montenegro agreement buys time EU integration should not be conditional on maintaining “union”, media release, 07 May 2002
EU Crisis Response - 11 September and the Laeken Summit, media release, 29 April 2002
War in Liberia threatens peace in Sierra Leone – and security across West Africa, media release, 24 April 2002
Colombia election briefing, media release, 17 April 2002
Implementing equality in Bosnia & Herzegovina, media release, 16 April 2002
A Bold Plan to Tackle the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, media release, 10 April 2002
Central Asia: Border Disputes and Conflict Potential, media release, 04 April 2002
Sudan’s Peace Process in the Balance, media release, 03 April 2002
Myanmar: Time for a new aid strategy, media release, 02 April 2002
Serbia: Military intervention threatens democratic reform, media release, 28 March 2002
Aceh: Slim Chance for Peace, media release, 27 March 2002
Colombia's Elusive Quest for Peace, media release, 26 March 2002
Bosnia: A land without justice, media release, 25 March 2002
Zimbabwe At The Crossroads: Transition Or Conflict?, media release, 22 March 2002
Afghanistan Needs an International Force of 25-30,000, media release, 15 March 2002
Pakistan: The Dangers of Conventional Wisdom, media release, 12 March 2002
Last Chance for Peace and Democracy as Zimbabwe Violence Threatens, media release, 11 March 2002
Belgrade’s Lagging Reform: Cause for International Concern, media release, 07 March 2002
Ten Minutes to Midnight in Zimbabwe: International Action Can Still Make a Difference, media release, 04 March 2002
Kosovo: A Roadmap to Settling Final Status, media release, 01 March 2002
Kosovo: A Roadmap to Settling Final Status, media release, 01 March 2002
Indonesia: The Search for Peace in Maluku, media release, 08 February 2002
Addressing Islamist extremism in Central Asia: ICG briefing paper on the IMU and Hizb-ut-Tahrir, media release, 30 January 2002
God, Oil and Country Changing the Logic of War in Sudan, media release, 28 January 2002
All Bark and No Bite? The International Response to Zimbabwe’s Crisis, media release, 25 January 2002
Zimbabwe’s Crisis: High Stakes for Southern Africa, media release, 11 January 2002
Tajikistan: An Uncertain Peace, media release, 24 December 2001
Rwanda and Uganda: A dangerous war of nerves, media release, 21 December 2001
Indonesia: Unfair exploitation of resources fosters conflict, media release, 20 December 2001
Sierra Leone needs urgent international help for vote, media release, 19 December 2001
Kosovo's Economy: A Strategy for Development, media release, 19 December 2001
Disarmament in the Congo: Preventing Further War, media release, 14 December 2001
Macedonia's Name: A Step to Peace, media release, 10 December 2001
Myanmar: The Military's World View, media release, 07 December 2001
Myanmar: Civil society too weak to effect change, media release, 06 December 2001
Bosnia: Making a viable state
Urgent need to reshape the international presence
, media release, 29 November 2001
Afghanistan and Central Asia: Priorities for Reconstruction and Development, media release, 27 November 2001
Drugs and Conflict in Afghanistan and Central Asia, media release, 26 November 2001
Kosovo's Landmark Election, media release, 21 November 2001
Bin Laden and the Balkans: the Politics of Anti-Terrorism, media release, 09 November 2001
Algeria's Economy, The Vicious Circle of Oil and Violence, media release, 26 October 2001
Sierra Leone: Managing Uncertainty, media release, 24 October 2001
Croatia: Facing Up to War Crimes, media release, 16 October 2001
Zimbabwe: Time for "smart" sanctions on Mugabe, media release, 12 October 2001
Indonesia: Next Steps in Military Reform, media release, 11 October 2001
Indonesia: Violence and Radical Muslims, media release, 10 October 2001
“Consensual Democracy” in Post Genocide Rwanda: Evaluating the March 2001 District Elections, media release, 09 October 2001
Time to Confront Bosnia's Republika Srpska, media release, 08 October 2001
Central Asia: Preparing for the Storm, media release, 28 September 2001
Serbia: Reforms under Siege, media release, 21 September 2001
Indonesia: Ending repression in Irian Jaya, media release, 20 September 2001
Indonesia: Megawati must now move beyond symbolism, media release, 10 September 2001
Macedonia: Filling the Security Vacuum, media release, 08 September 2001
Kyrgyzstan: Trouble in Central Asia’s “Island of Democracy”, media release, 28 August 2001
Albania: Shadow Over the Longest Election, media release, 23 August 2001
Uzbekistan at Ten: Repression and Instability, media release, 21 August 2001
Macedonia: War on Hold, media release, 15 August 2001
Burundi: 100 days to lay foundations for peace, media release, 14 August 2001
Burundi: 100 days to lay foundations for peace, media release, 14 August 2001
Peace in Presevo: Quick Fix or Long Term Solution?, media release, 10 August 2001
Bosnia's precarious economy: still not open for business, media release, 07 August 2001
Montenegro: Resolving the Independence Deadlock, media release, 01 August 2001
Macedonia: Still Sliding, media release, 27 July 2001
U.S. military aid to Indonesia, media release, 18 July 2001
Zimbabwe's Crisis: Finding a Way Forward, media release, 13 July 2001
U.S. and EU can no longer ignore Algerian crisis Algerian President to visit Washington 12-13 July, media release, 09 July 2001
Milosevic in the Hague: What it Means for Yugoslavia and the Region, media release, 06 July 2001
Milosevic in the Hague: What it Means for Yugoslavia and the Region, media release, 06 July 2001
What it Means for Yugoslavia and the Region, media release, 06 July 2001
Central Asia: Fault Lines in the New Security Map, media release, 04 July 2001
EU Crisis Response Capability: ambition not matched by resources, media release, 27 June 2001
Indonesia: the aftermath of mass murder in Kalimantan, media release, 27 June 2001
Aceh: Can Autonomy Stem the Conflict?, media release, 27 June 2001
EU Crisis Response Capability: ambition not matched by resources, media release, 26 June 2001
Macedonia: The Last Chance for Peace, media release, 20 June 2001
E.U. and U.S. must apply conditions on aid to Serbia, media release, 15 June 2001
EU and U.S. must apply conditions on aid to Serbia, media release, 15 June 2001
Does the Indonesian Military Really Want Peace in Aceh?, media release, 12 June 2001
No peace without disarmament in the Congo, media release, 12 June 2001
Poverty raises risk of conflict in Central Asia, media release, 08 June 2001
The International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda: Justice Delayed, media release, 07 June 2001
Albania Needs Help to Tackle Organised Crime, media release, 25 May 2001
No Early Exit for NATO in Bosnia, media release, 22 May 2001
Indonesia's Presidential Crisis: The Second Round. Impasse Paralyses Economy and Endangers Democracy, media release, 21 May 2001
Crisis in Burundi Needs Urgent Attention of UNSC Mission. Nelson Mandela's Peace Efforts Failing, media release, 14 May 2001
Media Release: Montenegro’s Election: A Test for the Future of the FRY, media release, 18 April 2001
Sierra Leone: A Radical New Strategy, media release, 11 April 2001
Macedonia: The Choice is Genuine Reform or Endemic Terrorism, media release, 05 April 2001
Montenegro: Don't Oppose Independence, media release, 28 March 2001
From Kabila to Kabila: Prospects for Peace in the Congo, media release, 16 March 2001
Don't Give in to Bosnian Croat Secessionists, media release, 15 March 2001
Bad Debt: The Politics of Financial Reform in Indonesia, media release, 13 March 2001
Government Crackdown Provokes Islamic Extremism in Central Asia, media release, 01 March 2001
Macedonia’s Public Information Law is a Backwards Step, media release, 26 February 2001
Indonesia's Presidential Crisis, media release, 21 February 2001
Indonesia: National Police Reform, media release, 20 February 2001
Indonesia: Impunity versus Accountability for Gross Human Rights Violations, media release, 02 February 2001
Religion in Kosovo, media release, 31 January 2001
Scramble for the Congo: Anatomy of an Ugly War, media release, 17 January 2001
Burma/Myanmar: Is There a Way Forward?, media release, 21 December 2000
Indonesia: Overcoming murder and chaos in Maluku, media release, 19 December 2000
Bosnia's November elections: Dayton stumbles, media release, 18 December 2000
Montenegro: Which Way Next?, media release, 01 December 2000
Burundi: Peace prospects at risk of slipping away, media release, 01 December 2000
War Criminals at large in Republika Srpska: ICG calls for ban on Karadzic Party in upcoming Bosnian elections, media release, 02 November 2000
Algeria’s crisis in danger of re-igniting due to the failure to address the root causes of conflict, media release, 20 October 2000
Press notification: new ICG Central Asia Briefing, media release, 18 October 2000
Zimbabwe: From Bad to Worse, media release, 26 September 2000
Albania: voting for what?, media release, 25 September 2000
How Milosevic will lose - then steal - the Serbian election, media release, 19 September 2000
Serbia and Montenegro: Yugoslavia's dissolving federation, media release, 19 September 2000
Indonesia: keeping the military under control, media release, 05 September 2000
Kosovo Report card, media release, 29 August 2000
Montenegro ‘right’ to boycott Milosevic's phoney elections, media release, 14 August 2000
Cambodia: Trials Ahead, media release, 11 August 2000
Central Asia: crisis condition in three States, media release, 07 August 2000
Indonesia's Maluku crises: the issues, media release, 20 July 2000
Unblocking Burundi's peace process: parties, prisoners and press PARTIES, PRISONERS AND PRESS, media release, 12 July 2000
Zimbabwe: at the crossroads, media release, 11 July 2000
Crisis group sets out measures for successful Kosovo elections, media release, 07 July 2000
Documenting violations of international humanitarian law in Kosovo, media release, 28 June 2000
Kosovo's linchpin: overcoming division in Mitrovica, media release, 31 May 2000
Indonesia's crisis: far from over, media release, 31 May 2000
Crisis group sets out strategy of support for Serbian opposition, media release, 30 May 2000
Crucial poll looms for Montenegrin government and opposition, media release, 26 May 2000
Burundi Peace Process: New Developments, media release, 12 May 2000
Uganda and Rwanda: friends or enemies?, media release, 05 May 2000
Serbia's grain trade: Milosevic's hidden cash crop, media release, 03 May 2000
Bosnia’s municipal elections: winners and losers, media release, 28 April 2000
Uniting Mostar Crisis group points to new window of opportunity in Bosnia, media release, 20 April 2000
Burundi: Proposals for the resumption of bilateral and multilateral co-operation., media release, 04 May 1999
Five Years After the Genocide in Rwanda: Justice in Question, media release, 07 April 1999
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