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Reports by date

The 15 most recent ICG publications are listed below. To find earlier publications please click on the relevant year of publication below. To subscribe to ICG publications click here.

2003 2002 2001 2000 1999 1998 1997 1996

reports & briefings  
A Peace or just a Cease-Fire? The Military Equation in Post Dayton Bosnia, report, 15 December 1997
Dayton: Two Years On, A Review of Progress in Implementing the Dayton Peace Accords in Bosnia, report, 19 November 1997
Macedonia Report: The Politics of Ethnicity and Conflict, report, 30 October 1997
House Burnings: Obstruction of the Right to Return to Drvar, report, 09 June 1997
Going Nowhere Fast: Refugees and Internatlly Displaced Persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina, report, 01 May 1997
State Succession Report, report, 20 February 1997
Grave Situation in Mostar : Robust Response Required, report, 13 February 1997
Brcko Arbitration : Proposal for Peace, report, 20 January 1997
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