Board of Trustees

May 1999

Senator George J. Mitchell, Chairman
Former U.S. Senate Majority Leader

Gareth Evans MP, QC
President, ICG

Morton Abramowitz
Former US Assistant Secretary of State

Gianfranco Dell'Alba
Member of the European Parliament

Oscar Arias Sanchez
Former President of Costa Rica;
Nobel Peace Prize, 1987

Ersin Arioglu
Chairman, Yapi Merkezi, Turkey

Christoph Bertram
Director, Science and Policy Foundation

Alan Blinken
Former US Ambassador to Belgium

Maria Livanos Cattaui
Secretary-General, International Chamber of Commerce

Mong Joon Chung
Member of the Korean National Assembly

Senator Alain Destexhe

Mou-Shih Ding
Senior Advisor to the President, Taiwan, R.O.C.

Mark Eyskens
Former Prime Minister of Belgium

Issam M Fares
Chairman, Wedge International

Malcolm Fraser
Former Prime Minister of Australia

HRH El-Hassan bin Talal
Prince of Jordan

Marianne Heiberg
Special Advisor to Director-General of UNESCO

Max Jakobson
Former Ambassador of Finland to the UN

Elliott F. Kulick
Chairman, Pegasus International

Joanne Leedom-Ackerman
Novelist and journalist

Allan J MacEachen
Former Deputy Prime Minister of Canada

Gra�a Machel
Vice Chair, ICG
Former Minister of Education, Mozambique

Nobuo Matsunaga
President, Japan Institute for International Affairs

Barbara McDougall
Former Secretary of State for External Affairs, Canada

Matthew McHugh
Counsellor to the President, The World Bank

Mikl�s N�meth
Vice President, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development; Former Prime Minister of Hungary

Olara Otunnu
President, International Peace Academy; Former Foreign Minister of Uganda

Wayne Owens
President, Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation

Shimon Peres
Former Prime Minister, Israel; Nobel Prize, 1994

David de Pury
Chairman, de Pury Pictet Turettini & Co. Ltd.; Former Swiss Trade Ambassador

Cyril Ramaphosa
Deputy Executive Chairman, New Africa Investments Ltd., South Africa

Michel Rocard
Former Prime Minister of France

Christian Schwarz-Schilling
Member of Bundestag; Former Minister of Post and Telecommunications, Germany

William Shawcross
Journalist and author

Michael Sohlman
Executive Director, Nobel Foundation, Sweden

Stephen Solarz
Vice Chair, ICG
Former US Congressman

George Soros
Chairman, Open Society Institute

P�r Stenb�ck
President, Finnish Red Cross; Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Finland

Thorvald Stoltenberg
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Norway

William O Taylor
Chairman, Globe Newspapers Co.,USA

Leo Tindemans
Former Prime Minister of Belgium

Ed Turner
Former Executive Vice President, Turner Broadcasting Inc., USA

Eduard van Thijn
Former Minister of the Interior, The Netherlands; Former Mayor of Amsterdam

Simone Veil
Former President of the European Parliament; Former Minister for Health, France

Shirley Williams
Member of the House of Lords; Former Secretary of State for Education and Science, United Kingdom

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