ICG must maintain a broad and multinational financial base if it is to function effectively as an independent, professional advocacy body. ICG's funding and support are drawn from an international constituency spanning both the public and private sectors. National governments, foundations, private companies and individuals have all contributed funds.


The Netherlands
Republic of China (Taiwan)
States of Jersey (Channel Islands)
United States

Private sector

Morton Abramowitz
Kofi Annan
Maggie Baxter
Michael Brophy
Sir Adrian Cadbury
Chapman Chester
Carole Corcoran
Peter Corcoran
Barry Evans
Fares Foundation
HRH El-Hassan bin Talal
Hewlett Foundation
Tom Hollins
Shepard Lee
Maria Livanos Cattaui
Loews Corporation
George Mitchell
Mott Foundation
Open Society Institute
Ploughshares Foundation
Marsom Pratt
Stephen Solarz
William O Taylor
The Hon Tessa Tennant
Xerox Corporation
Anonymous individual donor

* Donors listed provided grants in excess of $US 1,000 during 1997.

During the course of 1997, ICG was grateful to receive financial grants from the following donors* (see table):

ICG would like to thank all those who have contributed to the organisation's finances over the past twelve months-including several hundred supporters not listed above who responded to the ICG Nicholas Hinton Research Fellowship Appeal established following the death of ICG's late president earlier in the year.

It is always difficult to raise funds for a new organisation - especially one that falls outside traditional grant-making categories such as humanitarian relief, mediation or training in conflict resolution. That is why we are especially grateful to our current donors who have shown a willingness to back ICG's new approach. In almost every case, those governments and organisations who gave funds to ICG in its first 18 months of operations have repeated their funding-in most cases at an increased level-this year. We have been able to add a number of new donors to this list during the course of the year. We hope to bring in several further donors early in 1998.

While ICG's continuing ability to attract funding is encouraging, the rate of expansion of ICG's field work and advocacy is threatening to outstrip our ability to raise additional funds. ICG's running costs during 1997 were approximately $US 2.25 million. This figure is projected to rise to $US 3 million during 1998 as new projects come on line in Africa and Asia. For this reason, the organisation is engaged in a concerted effort to persuade its existing funders to increase the level of their funding and to reach and convince new donors to contribute for the first time.

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