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Our reports on Burundi are listed below, starting with the most recent. You can also search for relevant reports using the search box in the top right hand side of this page.

Some of our reports on Burundi have been translated into French. To see these reports, click on the "français " button above.

Recent reports & briefings  
Refugees and Displaced Persons in Burundi – Defusing the Land Time-Bomb, report, 07 October 2003
A Framework For Responsible Aid To Burundi, report, 21 February 2003
The Burundi Rebellion and the Ceasefire Negotiations, briefing, 06 August 2002
The Burundi Rebellion and the Ceasefire Negotiations, briefing, 06 August 2002
Burundi After Six Months Of Transition: Continuing The War Or Winning Peace?, report, 24 May 2002
Burundi: One Hundred Days to put the Peace Process Back on Track (English version), report, 14 August 2001
Burundi Peace Process: Tough Challenges Ahead, report, 27 August 2000
Burundi: The Issues at Stake. Political Parties, Freedom of the Press and Political Prisoners, report, 12 July 2000
Unblocking Burundi's Peace Process: Political Parties, Political Prisoners, and Freedom of Press, briefing, 22 June 2000
The Mandela Effect: Prospects for Peace in Burundi, report, 18 April 2000
Burundian Refugees in Tanzania: The Key Factor to the Burundi Peace Process, report, 30 November 1999
Burundi:Internal and Regional Implications of the Suspension of Sanctions, report, 04 May 1999
Burundi: Proposals for the resumption of bilateral and multilateral co-operation., report, 04 May 1999
Burundi's Peace Process, The Road from Arusha, report, 20 July 1998
Burundi Under Seige, Lift the Sanctions; Re-launch the Peace Process, report, 28 April 1998

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