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Southern Africa project

Racked by stolen elections, regime-inspired violence, farm invasions, economic disaster, racist political rhetoric and a complete breakdown of the rule of law, Zimbabwe continues to teeter on the brink of massive bloodshed. The country's latest presidential election in March 2002 saw President Mugabe retain his grip on power by a massive campaign of political violence and intimidation, judicial interference, and vote-rigging against the country's first credible opposition movement in twenty years. Meanwhile, the international community's response has been marked by a policy of "all bark and no bite", in which policymakers frequently criticise the flagrant violations of human rights and democracy but make empty threats, fail to use their leverage and do not take meaningful action.

ICG established a watching brief on Zimbabwe in June 2000 and has continued its project with numerous field-researched reports. ICG papers have sought to analyse the causes of Zimbabwe's crisis and to set out strategies to prevent its further escalation.

Recent reports & briefings  
Decision Time in Zimbabwe, briefing, 08 July 2003
Angola's Choice: Reform or Regress, report, 07 April 2003
Zimbabwe: Danger and Opportunity, report, 10 March 2003
Dealing with Savimbi's Ghost: The Security and Humanitarian Challenges in Angola, report, 26 February 2003
Zimbabwe: The Politics of National Liberation and International Division, report, 17 October 2002
Zimbabwe: What Next?, report, 14 June 2002
Zimbabwe At The Crossroads: Transition Or Conflict?, report, 22 March 2002
All Bark and No Bite? The International Response to Zimbabwe's Crisis, report, 25 January 2002
Zimbabwe's Election: The Stakes for Southern Africa, briefing, 11 January 2002
Zimbabwe: Time for International Action, briefing, 12 October 2001
Zimbabwe in Crisis: Finding a Way Forward, report, 13 July 2001
Zimbabwe: Three Months after the Elections, briefing, 26 September 2000
Zimbabwe: At The Crossroads, report, 10 July 2000

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