ICGAnnual Report1995-96

ICG Analysis

  • Approach

    ICG's analyses of crises form the policy base on which the organisation's other activities stand or fall.

    Great effort and expertise go into producing analyses that are clear, practical and comprehensive. Information is gathered and processed by experienced professionals usually based in the field for an extended period. They consult with a variety of groups, organisations and individuals, including political leaders, public servants, the military, opposition groups and journalists. The views of ethnic and religious groups, community and women's groups, non-governmental organisations and the business sector are also sought.

    A hallmark of ICG's analyses is their breadth. Rather than focus on one particular aspect of a given crisis, for example human rights abuses, environmental degradation or political corruption, ICG produces a comprehensive overview of the often complex web of factors fuelling the crisis. Political, social, economic, military, ethnic and ecological perspectives are incorporated into a wide screen allowing governments, business and others an accurate view of what is happening and what can be done about it.

  • Outcomes

    ICG produced the following analytical reports during 1996:

    The following reports are due for release in late 1996/early 1997:

    • Sierra Leone: An Economic Analysis
    • Sierra Leone: Labour Market, Employment and Training
    • Bosnia: War Crimes

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