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ICG has been active in Kosovo since late 1997, when it started following up advance warnings of impending crisis. As the conflict unfolded in the province, ICG issued a series of reports cataloguing events and analysing the strategies of key players in Kosovo and the Belgrade regime. ICG also provided a detailed assessment of the NATO air campaign against Yugoslavia and the peace agreement hammered out in June 1999. A team of three analysts is currently based in Pristina, reporting on the peace process and efforts to defuse tensions, establish the rule of law and create a functioning system of self-government.

ICG's most recent reports on Kosovo are:

  • Reaction in Kosovo to Kostunica's Victory (10 October 2000), a briefing paper highlighting the radicalisation, in the wake of Kostunica's election, of Kosovo Albanian opinion on issues such as cooperation with the international community and Kosovo's future status;

  • Kosovo Report Card (29 August 2000), a fresh evaluation of the international community's performance in Kosovo since the end of the conflict in June 1999, highlighting the urgent need to address the question of Kosovo's final status;

  • Elections in Kosovo: Moving Toward Democracy? (7 July 2000), an assessment of progress made to date toward Kosovo's first democratic, internationally supervised local elections scheduled for the autumn of 2000;

  • Reality Demands (27 June 2000), a report documenting humanitarian law violations committed in Kosovo during 1999;

  • Kosovo's Linchpin: Overcoming Division in Mitrovica (31 May 2000), a review of the stand-off between Kosovo Serbs and Albanians in this northern Kosovo city and an analysis of the tensions between them; and

  • What Happened to the KLA? (3 March 2000), an assessment of the role being played in post-war Kosovo by the leaders and members of the Kosovo Liberation Army - formally dismantled last September, but still exercising pervasive influence.

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