ICGAnnual Report1995-96

ICG Assistance

"While governments and international bodies need to devise strategies to stave off crises in the short-term, it is only through the engagement of individuals and groups within threatened civil societies that stability can be nurtured in the longer-term and future crises made less likely."

Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, ICG board-member.

  • Approach

    Sierra Leone workshop, April 1996
    Zainab Bangura, co-ordinator of the Campaign for Good Governance, addresses a workshop for newly-elected parliamentarians in Sierra Leone, arranged and facilitated by ICG, April 1996
    In addition to approaching decision-makers on issues of international strategy and policy, ICG has won significant support from governments and international institutions for a range of locally-based initiatives. Vital for the role they play in binding societies together at the grass-roots, these initiatives, which include media projects, youth, community, and human rights groups, women's organisations and writers' fora, help to create a culture of community accountability, raising awareness about citizens' rights and fostering the kind of conditions in which lasting stability can take root.

    The form of support ICG can offer such initiatives varies. ICG has on occasion directly supplied advice, expertise and even basic office and operating equipment to local groups in urgent need of such forms of assistance. When more substantial financial input is required ICG can play an important facilitating role by bringing the resource needs of local groups to the attention of international organisations and fund-holders.

  • Outcomes

    During 1996 ICG attracted the following assistance to local initiatives:

    • Funding for repatriation projects in Sarajevo

    • Funding for local media projects in Republika Srpska (Bosnia)

    • Equipment and resources for local inter-ethnic community development projects in Bosnia

    • Sustained funding, expertise and administrative support for the Campaign for Good Governance in Sierra Leone, a local NGO, created by ICG, that provides support to state institutions and key groups within civil society

    • Funding and technical expertise for a series of training workshops on democracy and governance for new parliamentarians, members of the Cabinet, judges, civil servants and journalists in Sierra Leone

    • Fundraising support for WOMEN, the leading women's rights organisation in Sierra Leone

    • Fundraising support for a cultural centre in Sierra Leone

    • Support, funding and technical expertise for a civic education campaign on democracy and citizens' rights to be conducted on national radio and through local workshops in Sierra Leone

    • Funding and experts to facilitate the establishment of a mobile legal advice centre in Sierra Leone.

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