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After Milosevic: A Practical Agenda for Lasting Balkans Peace

ICG Balkans Report No.108

Slobodan Milosevic is gone, but he has left in the Balkans a bitter legacy of death, destruction and distrust, and the potential for renewed conflict remains dangerously high. It is vital that there be forward-looking and comprehensive action by the international community to address the continuing sources of tension. ICG’s new 350-page report is a comprehensive and up-to-date attempt to map a realistic agenda for achieving lasting peace in the Balkans. The focus is on accelerating political and institutional reform, and addressing – sooner rather than later – the difficult remaining issues of future and final status, and minority rights, that keep holding back stability and economic growth, especially in the troubled Yugoslav trio of Serbia, Montenegro and Kosovo, and in Bosnia and Macedonia.

This report is built on five years of intensive field-based analysis throughout the western Balkans. The policy ideas contained in it grow out of the experience gleaned in the course of writing 140 earlier Balkans reports and briefing papers and discussing them with policy makers in the region and around the world.

The complete text of the report may be downloaded in pdf format by clicking the above link. The report is also available at cost in printed paperback book form.


For a copy of the report in paperback book form, please write to To cover production and postage, we charge US$ 15 per book.

Payments may be made by bank transfer or cheque.

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Bank Brussels Lambert 20 rue de la Régence 1000 Brussels Belgium Account number: 310-1048676-95 SWIFT code: BBRU BEBB100.

NB.: We would be grateful if you would accept payment of any bank charges which may arise when paying by electronic funds transfer.


All cheques should be made payable to “International Crisis Group”. Cheques denominated in US$ should be sent to the Finance Department of ICG’s Washington office; cheques in any other currency should be sent to the Finance Department of ICG’s Brussels office (contacts below). ICG Washington ICG Brussels Finance Section Finance Section 1522 K Street NW – Suite 200 149 Avenue Louise Washington DC 20005 1050 Brussels USA Belgium

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