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media releases  
Joint Statement by The International Crisis Group, Care International, and the International Rescue Committee on The Expansion of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, media release, 31 October 2003
Iraq’s Shiites Under Occupation, media release, 09 September 2003
Kosovo: An Agenda for the new UN Special Representative, media release, 03 September 2003
Sierra Leone: Security and Governance, media release, 02 September 2003
Jemaah Islamiyah in South East Asia: Damaged But Still Dangerous, media release, 26 August 2003
Governing Iraq as opposition becomes stronger and more violent, media release, 25 August 2003
Five Minutes to Midnight in Sudan’s Peace Process, media release, 08 August 2003
Afghanistan: Pashtun Alienation, media release, 05 August 2003
Sierra Leone’s Special Court: Promises and Pitfalls, media release, 04 August 2003
North Korea: A Phased Negotiation Strategy, media release, 31 July 2003
Hizbollah: Rebel Without a Cause?, media release, 30 July 2003
Somaliland: Alternatives to Independence?, media release, 28 July 2003
Settlement expansion endangers Roadmap and two-state solution, media release, 25 July 2003
Indonesia needs exit strategy for Aceh operation, media release, 23 July 2003
Bosnia: Getting in Deeper in Order to Get Out
Paddy Ashdown’s First Year as High Representative
, media release, 22 July 2003
Indonesia: Managing decentralisation and conflict, media release, 18 July 2003
Serbian Reform Stalls Again, media release, 17 July 2003
Liberia: ICG urges U.S. to lead a robust multinational force, media release, 16 July 2003
Central Asia: Islam and the State, media release, 10 July 2003
Colombia’s Humanitarian Crisis, media release, 09 July 2003

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