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Reports by date

The 15 most recent ICG publications are listed below. To find earlier publications please click on the relevant year of publication below. To subscribe to ICG publications click here.

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reports & briefings  
Milosevic: Déjà Vu All Over Again?, report, 23 December 1998
To Build A Peace: Recommendations For The Madrid Peace Implementation Council Meeting, report, 15 December 1998
Change in the Offing: The Shifting Political Scene in Croatia, report, 14 December 1998
Congo At War: A Briefing of the Internal and External Players in the Central African Conflict, report, 17 November 1998
Sandzac: Calm For Now, report, 09 November 1998
Breaking the Logjam: Refugee Returns to Croatia, report, 09 November 1998
Intermediate Sovereignty As A Basis For Resolving The Kosovo Crisis, report, 09 November 1998
1998 Elections In Macedonia, report, 09 October 1998
Cambodia's Elections Turn Sour, report, 10 September 1998
Doing Democracy A Disservice: 1998 Elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina, report, 09 September 1998
Whither Bosnia?, report, 09 September 1998
Too Little Too Late: Implementation of the Sarajevo Declaration, report, 09 September 1998
Kosovo’s Long Hot Summer: Briefing on military, humanitarian and political developments in Kosovo, report, 02 September 1998
Impunity In Drvar, report, 20 August 1998
Changing Course?: Implications of the divide in Bosnian Croat politics, report, 13 August 1998
North Kivu: Into the Quagmire? An Overview of the Current Crisis in North Kivu, report, 13 August 1998
The Albanian Question In Macedonia: Implications of the Kosovo Conflict for Inter-Ethnic Relations in Macedonia, report, 11 August 1998
Burundi's Peace Process, The Road from Arusha, report, 20 July 1998
A View from Tirana: The Albanian Dimension of Kosovo Crisis, report, 10 July 1998
The Konjic Conundrum: Why Minorities have Failed to Return to Model Open City, report, 19 June 1998

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