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"The Responsibility to Protect and September 11"
Address by Gareth Evans to UNU/Canadian Government Seminar on The Responsibility to Protect.
, speech, 16 December 2002
"A World Where It’s Rational To Be Anxious: The Challenge Of Conflict Prevention and Resolution"
Piece by Gareth Evans in NATO 2002: Mapping the Challenges (Prague Summit)
, speech, 26 November 2002
"The U.S. vs the World? How American Power Seems to the Rest of Us"
Address by Gareth Evans to Foreign Policy Association, New York.
, speech, 19 November 2002
"Preventing Deadly Conflict and the Problem of Political Will"

2002 Montague Burton Professor of International Relations Lecture by Gareth Evans
, speech, 17 October 2002
"Testimony by Robert Templer before the US Commission of Security and Cooperation in Europe on US Policy towards the OSCE", speech, 10 October 2002
Gareth Evans analyses Bush address on Lateline, ABC TV, speech, 14 September 2002
"Common Commitment": Moderator's Conclusions Remarks by Gareth Evans at "Partners in Prevention" Conference, speech, 30 August 2002
Testimony by Valery Percival before the US Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe (Helsinki Commission) on Ethnic Harmony in Kosovo, speech, 19 June 2002
"International Challenges after September 11"
Speech by Gareth Evans to Cranlana Programme Alumni, Melbourne.
, speech, 11 June 2002
Testimony by John Prendergast before House International Relations Committee Africa Subcommittee, speech, 16 May 2002
"World Tensions and Their Impact on Business: the Costs of Neglect".
Notes for Presentation by Gareth Evans to ICC 34th World Congress, Denver
, speech, 07 May 2002
"Confronting the Challenge of Terrorism: International Relations after 911"
Cohen Lecture in International Relations, by Gareth Evans. Lehigh University, Pennsylvania
, speech, 23 April 2002
"The Responsibility to Protect: Humanitarian Intervention in the 21st Century".
2002 Wesson Lecture in International Relations Theory and Practice, by Gareth Evans, Stanford University.
, speech, 27 February 2002
"Briefing on Sudan at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum", by John Prendergast., speech, 31 January 2002
"Peace, Security and Good Governance"
Address by Gareth Evans to EU-UNU Tokyo Global Forum: Governance Across Borders – National, Regional and Global, United Nations University, Tokyo.
, speech, 24 January 2002
"International Responses to Islamist Extremism"
Remarks by Gareth Evans to National Institute for Research Advancement (NIRA) Colloquium, Tokyo.
, speech, 23 January 2002
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