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ICG’s Jakarta-based team reports and recommends policy on the country’s transition to full democracy, separatist struggles in Aceh and Irian Jaya, communal violence and the role of radical Islam.

Our reports on Indonesia are listed below, starting with the most recent. You can also search for relevant reports using the search box in the top right hand side of this page.

Most of our reports on Indonesia have been translated into Bahasa Indonesian. To see these reports, click on the "indonesian" button above.

Recent reports & briefings  
The Perils of Private Security in Indonesia: Guards and Militias on Bali and Lombok, report, 07 November 2003
Jemaah Islamiyah in South East Asia: Damaged but Still Dangerous, report, 26 August 2003
Aceh: How Not to Win Hearts and Minds, briefing, 23 July 2003
Indonesia: Managing Decentralisation and Conflict in South Sulawesi, report, 18 July 2003
Aceh: Why The Military Option Still Won't Work, briefing, 09 May 2003
Dividing Papua: How Not To Do It, briefing, 09 April 2003
Aceh: A Fragile Peace, report, 27 February 2003
Correction to the 8 August 2002 briefing, Al-Qaeda in Southeast Asia: The Case of the Ngruki Network in Indonesia, report, 10 January 2003
Indonesia Backgrounder: How The Jemaah Islamiyah Terrorist Network Operates, report, 11 December 2002
Impact Of The Bali Bombings, briefing, 24 October 2002
Tensions on Flores: Local Symptoms of National Problems, report, 10 October 2002
Indonesia: Resources and Conflict in Papua, report, 13 September 2002
Al-Qaeda in Southeast Asia: The case of the "Ngruki Network" in Indonesia (Corrected on 10 January 2003), briefing, 08 August 2002
Resuming U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties, briefing, 21 May 2002
Indonesia: The Implications of the Timor Trials, briefing, 08 May 2002
Aceh: Slim Chance for Peace, briefing, 27 March 2002
Indonesia: The Search for Peace in Maluku, report, 08 February 2002
Indonesia: Natural Resources and Law Enforcement, report, 20 December 2001
Indonesia: Next Steps in Military Reform, report, 11 October 2001
Indonesia: Violence and Radical Muslims, briefing, 10 October 2001

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