ICG's New Offices

ICG's central operations-including overall policy co-ordination, project management, communications and fundraising-are now handled through two offices-ICG's new headquarters in Brussels and a smaller, second office in Washington DC.

The decision, taken in May 1997, to close ICG's former headquarters in London and open in its place two new offices has brought with it a number of important advantages. For the first time, ICG now has a permanent presence on both sides of the Atlantic-putting the organisation in closer reach of key policy-makers across Europe and North America.

In Brussels, ICG is well placed to contribute to European foreign and security policy debate, engage with the institutions of the European Union and other Brussels-based international organisations and access European sources of funding. ICG's Brussels address has also helped the organisation to broaden its identity, particularly in Europe.

At the same time, ICG is now better positioned than before to feed its findings into policy discussions in the US capital, attract attention to its policy prescriptions in the US media, improve liaison with officials at the UN in New York, exploit existing research in areas of particular interest to ICG and tap into the American private sector as a source of funding.

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